Business Model

Value proposition to the stakeholders


MFC Value Proposition


Medical Facilities is committed to providing the highest-quality treatment and care at all our facilities. A key component in the recovery process is not only the treatment, but also the attention and amenities provided to each patient to enhance the quality of their stay. Our overriding focus is a personalized approach to patient care. 


Medical Facilities’ business model has been developed to encourage physician owners to remain an integral part of their operations and non-owner physicians to practice at our facilities. Our surgeons and specialists have a direct say in the way each facility is run. They are supported by carefully selected and highly-skilled physician assistants and nurses. This means our surgeons and specialists can focus on the things that matter most: seeing more patients and delivering innovative, high-quality care.


Our facilities have relationships with an extensive list of payors that represent major payor groups, including private insurers, Medicare, Medicaid, and Workers’ Compensation. To remain competitive with traditional hospitals, our facilities work with all of our patients’ payors. Our objectives are aligned with those of payors, as our facilities and surgical teams work towards providing best-in-class treatments for patients while operating within the payors’ guidelines for reimbursement rates for services.


We are focused on promoting efficiencies and growth at all our facilities in order to continue building value for our shareholders. We are dedicated to increasing operating cash flows to support our monthly dividend and provide a stable and secure income for our shareholders.