Stable distributions

Medical Facilities believes in generating returns for its shareholders in the form of both growth and dividend distributions. The declaration and payment of dividends on Medical Facilities’ common shares and the amount thereof are at the discretion of the Board of Directors which takes into account many factors, including the company’s financial results, capital requirements, available and future cash flow, debt levels and liquidity, and other factors considered relevant from time to time. It is Medical Facilities’ intention that dividends will be declared and paid on a monthly basis. The current annual dividend rate is C$1.125 per common share.

Medical Facilities designates all dividends paid or deemed to be paid as “eligible dividends” pursuant to subsection 89(14) of the Income Tax Act (Canada) and its equivalent in any provinces of Canada.

Historical dividend information is provided from June 2011, when Medical Facilities converted from an income participating securities (“IPS”) to a traditional common share structure. Until May 31, 2011, Medical Facilities paid a monthly distribution of $0.0917 per IPS unit, which consisted of interest on subordinated notes and dividends on common shares. For IPS distribution history, please click here.


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Total Dividend ($) per Share Record Date Payment Date Declaration Date Ex-Dividend Date
September 0.09375 30.09.2019 15.10.2019 23.09.2019 27.09.2019
August 0.09375 30.08.2019 16.09.2019 21.08.2019 29.08.2019
July 0.09375 31.07.2019 15.08.2019 22.07.2019 30.07.2019
June 0.09375 28.06.2019 15.07.2019 19.06.2019 27.06.2019
May 0.09375 31.05.2019 17.06.2019 22.05.2019 30.05.2019
April 0.09375 30.04.2019 15.05.2019 17.04.2019 29.04.2019
March 0.09375 29.03.2019 15.04.2019 20.03.2019 28.03.2019
February 0.09375 28.02.2019 15.03.2019 19.02.2019 27.02.2019
January 0.09375 31.01.2019 15.02.2019 22.01.2019 30.01.2019